Voter fraud vs. voter suppression

October 30, 2008

Matthew Yglesias, second best liberal blogger on the internet, is the person who first made this argument: although conservative pundits get really exercised about voter fraud, I mean really very distraught, they can never point to any actual voter fraud.  None.  It’s really amazing.  Once you are on the lookout for this trend, it’s unmistakable.  Go to the Corner, where their anticipatory grief therapy is pre-bitching about voter fraud.  They are all about it.  But there are no examples this side of LBJ and the Daley machine.

In contrast, there is voter suppression going on all the time.  There are many specific examples from this cycle alone.  I personally would love a moral equivalence because it fits nicely with my theory that politicians are all crooks.  But in this case there is no equivalence to be had.  For example:  Charlie Crist has gotten much well deserved credit for expanding early voting from 8 to 12 hours per day in Florida.  In contrast, Georgia has put the kibbosh on 12 hour days.  (The difference: Crist hates McCain.)  But there is simply no moral reason to close the polls after eight hours if people can’t get in to vote.  None.  It’s simply denying people the right to vote.  It is naked voter suppression.  It’s unbelievable to me how unbalanced this issue is.

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