A story in photogaffes and the lack of them

October 30, 2008

This blog cares about how people look.  Well, I care.  You’d have to ask Akhbar himself.  I care because it is an ugly truth that a person’s beauty matters so much to success.  The Onion, as ever on the vanguard of important issues, recently ran this piece:

Obama would not be a major party’s candidate for president if he actually had that birthmark.  To the contrary, one measure of his ‘serenity’ is that there aren’t any photographs of him looking anything other than serene, or judiciously concerned, or sternly focused.  He just doesn’t produce photographs of that kind.  In this he is like Reagan.  I have been trying to find the original of a quote I can only paraphrase.  It was by a lefty photographer who was given an opportunity to take pictures of Reagan in the White House.  And he said what he’d tried to do was take awful photographs of him by using terrible angles, poor lighting, and not letting the President get ready.  But when he got home and developed the photos, Reagan look terrific in all of them.  I think Obama would be the same way.

Meanwhile, McCain is a photogaffe factory the likes of which has not been seen on the national stage since Hillary Clinton.  When this election is over we will do Hillary and McCain photogaffe retrospectives.


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