Re: Gas Taxes

October 29, 2008

I think everyone who isn’t crazy is agreed on the point that selling Americans on higher gas taxes will never be politically viable. But it is also true that we are going in to an election in which both candidates have embraced a policy which is slightly less effective than, but more or less equivalent to a carbon tax, and whose sole advantage over such a tax is that it enables supporters to lie to the public and say it’s nothing like a carbon tax. I am not so confident as Sullivan that this means that America will really be able to move ahead with this, but it’s certainly not inconceivable. A lot will depend on how the Republican party attempts to put itself back together after the coming catastrophe. If they tell McCain and his ilk to go fuck themselves and double down on Palinite lunacy, they can probably make enough trouble to ensure that the Dems don’t dare impose a cap and trade system that actually does anything.


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