Today’s Dukakis Watch in Graphs

October 7, 2008

Some striking visuals from fivethirtyeight:

Pretty astonishing stuff. Finally, based on polling and projections from Silver and others, but without any firm theoretical foundation, here is my own DGLB (dead girl or live boy) electoral map of states that would need more than a Great Depression II or the outbreak of another non-nuclear war to change columns:

This just reinforces three pretty obvious, well-known facts:

1.) The GOP has a huge (though meaningless) lead in square feet.

2.) A lot of people live in those elitest coastal states about which we hear so many nasty things these days.

3.) John McCain is playing from very, very far behind.

UPDATE 12:51PM: I forgot to mention: Maine and Nebraska were left out not because they are actually competitive overall, but because they divide up their electoral votes. One of Nebraska’s votes is actually in play; Maine, not so much, but one vote is borderline for the level of certainty required here.


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