Sarah Palin: Mother. Moose-Hunter. Electoral Tactician.

October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin heard about her campaign’s decision to concede Michigan today, and wasn’t pleased. Her analysis:

The Alaska governor first heard the news this morning and fired off a quick e-mail to campaign officials expressing her displeasure with the move.

“Oh c’mon, do we have to?” Palin said she wrote.

The ball is in your court, Rick Davis.

UPDATE 10/4 2:10PM: There she goes again:

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo — In Colorado for a morning fundraiser, Sarah Palin dropped by a diner and said she wanted to head back on the stump in Michigan, even though the McCain campaign has essentially given up on the state, pulling its advertising and staffers.

“Well as I said the other day, I would sure love to get to run to Michigan and make sure that Michigan knows that we haven’t given up there,” Palin said in response to a pool reporter’s question about falling poll numbers in key battleground state. “We care much about Michigan and every other state.”

JMart is stunned:

For the second day in a row, Sarah Palin expressed her dismay at the campaign’s decision to pull out of Michigan.  This time, though, she brought up the move unprompted (!)

Palin may be only expressing her honest views on the situation, but by continuining to talk about the state she continues  to give legs to a negative storyline and ensure additional days of coverage on the worst kind of process-oriented matter at this stage of the race

Maybe that’s right, but I think it’s always best to look for a strategic interpretation, rather than assume that the campaign has lost its mind. In that spirit, I’d say this looks to me like the old bad cop – deluded perky cop routine. Appeasing blue collar voters in Michigan isn’t worth much if they’ve given up on the state, but McCain still desperately needs the votes of their Ohioan counterparts. Sarah Palin’s role here is to convince those folks that whatever these D.C. insiders think with their ‘strategy’ and their ‘electoral math’, she cares about each and every last one of them, doggone it!

This strategy is already playing very well with the crucial K-Lo demographic.


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