Palin Debate Countdown: T Minus 4 Hours

October 2, 2008

Happy Palin Day, everybody!

With just a few hours to go, a quick roundup of the latest buzz. The blogosphere is setting a new standard for silliness as majority opinion now considers Palin the favorite. On the crazy right, there is some confidence that Palin is simply too awesome to lose:

Who Could Resist This Woman? [Peter Robinson]

In Hugh Hewitt’s interview with her earlier this week, Sarah Palin proved lively, tough, smart and completely herself.  Hugh’s final question:  Have you heard from your son now that he has been deployed in Iraq?

That little stinker.  I guess he’s called his girlfriend a couple of times, but can you believe he hasn’t called his momma yet?

Read it all here.  In the hours before debate, it’ll keep you encouraged and calm.

When the chips are down, this woman isn’t afraid to come out in favor of people calling their mothers. Meanwhile, it’s difficult to tell whether the left is engaged in dishonest expectations management, or is just exhibiting an especially severe case of liberal panic:

The smart money says Palin will emerge with, at most, superficial wounds. In part, this is about the expectations game: Post-Katie, the bar has been set so low for Palin that, unless she faints or vomits on air, her team will rush to declare a victory–not just for her, but for all of Joe Six-Pack America. But it is also about Palin’s particular skill set, the audience she’s playing to, and the nature of the political media.

Had I any money, I would be betting all of it stupidly. Sullivan sides with the pessimists:

Matt Feeney is taking bets:

Anticipation for tonight’s VP debate has inevitably split itself into two scenarios. In the first, Sarah Palin performs miserably, filling the hall with excruciating silences, lopping off sentences before they have the chance to become sentences, opening for display a vast tundra of mortifying ignorance. Joe Biden doesn’t much figure in this first scenario. In the second scenario, she exceeds the low expectations to one degree or another while Joe Biden reminds us that he’s not exactly Bertrand Russell either. In this second scenario, Palin actually wins the debate.

Cottle believes that the latter scenario is more likely. So do I. But I have no idea. We simply don’t know who Palin really is, and if McCain gets his way, we won’t until she’s in the Oval Office.

This seems to me to contradict his charges of sexism here:


Professional conservatives hope that Palin comes off as minimally competent.

The sexism of the Republican establishment has never been more baldly exposed.

Um, Andrew, if you agree with people who say that minimal competence from Palin will be enough to count as a win, why are Republicans sexist for hoping that she displays minimal competence?

Finally, also via Sullivan, here’s a review of why all these people are wrong, and why tonight should be a glorious catastrophe:


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