Liveblogging a la Despot

October 2, 2008

9:06     First Biden sigh!

9:07     So far, the women line has been consistently above the men line on CNN.

9:08     First Palin wink!

9:10     I think Palin just commited to ending greed on Wall Street.

9:17     So far, Palin has been coherent.  Score?

9:18     Men go above women when Palin says government is the problem.

9:19     Palin smiles a whole lot. Men are starting to like Palin more than women period.

9:26     Apparent Biden strategy: overwhelm with statistics.  A performance that Palin cannot bluff her way to matching.

9:27     Not just Putin: mortgage lenders also rear heads.

9:27     Biden sigh #2!

9:30     Palin’s strategy is now apparent: answer whatever question she likes.  There is no smooth transition.  There is just: “this is the question I’d like to talk about”, and then off she goes.

9:31     Palin again says she “is not one” to “attribute every activity of man to climate change”.  I am releived on this point.

9:47     Palin pronounces Ahmadinejad better than Bush or McCain.  Fact.

9:52     Palin has been learning stuff.  Give her that.

9:54    Biden sigh!

9:57    Palin argues for the surge principles in Afghanistan.  Impossible to implement, on which more later.   Then argues that Obama’s claim about bombing in Afghanistan is untrue; wrong.  Our employment of bombers and helicopters is an abomination and an affront to counterinsurgency principles.

9:59   Biden’s flurry of statistics is the substance of his attack on Palin.  Like Obama’s staid grownup stance in the first debate, Biden is demonstrating his mastery of details and his dept of knowledge.  Winning individual points is not the goal.

10:00   Biden sigh!

10:19   As the debate wears on Palin runs out of talking points and we run out of the urge to liveblog.

10:22   Good question for Palin, maybe at that press conference the patron saint of hysteria’s been asking for: “Governor Palin, do you believe John McCain is a maverick?”

10:23  Good question for Biden: “Senator, now that you have been campaigning with him, can you tell us if Barrack Obama is as clean as you expected?”

10:25  As the debate has worn on, Palin’s responses on the trend lines have been dropping.

10:26  Throughout, women’s responses have dipped whenever Palin has been cute and flirty.

10:27  Not so for men.

10:28  Palin has only talking points at the end of the debate.  Biden closed on a closing note.  Palin’s tone was like a response to a question in the middle of the debate.

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