Palin’s Reading Habits

October 1, 2008

Frederick, I think it’s safe to say that Sarah Palin is the one lowering the tone here. But, as with so many of life’s mysteries, you need only have turned to K-Lo and you would have found your answers:

Obviously the governor of Alaska reads. And what it looked liked to me is the governor of Alaska decided she wasn’t going to play along with Couric. Whatever she answered would be scrutinized for the next 24 hours for what she included and left off. So instead she let Katie badger her a little. (I half expected Palin to say, Katie, I even have a Blackberry in Alaska!)

And now the ticket is in yet a better position to run against the media.

See? If she’d mentioned any of the newspapers and magazines that she reads, the media would have picked her apart. For 24 hours! Instead, she claimed to read all of them, about which the media won’t have anything to say, certainly not for 24 whole hours.

Pace K-Lo, however, I must point out that whatever this does to the media’s unfavorables, the media isn’t running for president, so McCain and Palin are more or less locked in to running against Obama and Biden. In that context, turning the press against you is actually a bad thing.


One Response to “Palin’s Reading Habits”

  1. […] both laudatory and disapproving, of McCain ‘running against the media’. As I mentioned earlier, the media will not, in fact, be on the ballot in November. It is the Obama-Biden ticket that they […]

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