Cheap Date

September 30, 2008

Kevin Drum is the best left of center blogger.  But even he is capable of error, as when he recently called conservatives ‘cheap dates’ for supporting McCain despite his history of despising them and consorting openly with known members of the media.  Cheap dates?  Only if he means that the conservatives have given McCain’s campaign terminal syphillis.  Witness Palin, chosen only because conservatives refused to stomach Lieberman.  Or again, the collapse of the bailout vote.

So the Republican party has become a wretched creature, twisted and corrupted by years of unchecked power.  The same will happen to the Democrats if, as seems likely, they control all the branches of national government for many years.  Soon enough the Capitol Hill mail clerks will be selling cocaine again and the representatives will be writing bad checks on the government’s dime.  The Democrats will give us another Dan Rostenkowski, and then it will be the Rebublicans’ turn again.  And so on.


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