Saner voices at The Corner

September 29, 2008

Akhbar refers to ‘saner voices’ over at the Corner.  If ‘Saner Voices at The Corner’ were a Facebook Group, it would have 3 members, tops.  How others at that lunacy mill are responding:

Here, Ponnuru approvingly quotes a reader’s e-mail:

The bailout was atrocious, and the responsible thing to do was to vote against it. Its defeat is a victory for liberty.

Anyway, the Republicans delivered plenty of votes. They’re not in charge of running the House.  The Democrats are. If you want to blame anybody, blame them.

Which is logically equivalent to: “I didn’t steal the cookie jar and anyway it wasn’t my fault, Nancy made me do it.”

And of course, why should Republicans take the blame for anything when there are perfectly good hispanics around to blame:

The Hispanic Caucus Flexed Its Muscle Today [Jim Boulet Jr.]

The bailout bill would have passed the House had just 12 votes switched from “nay” to “aye”.  Twenty-one Congressmen, all Democrats, are members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.  Twelve voted “nay,”  including Caucus chairman, Joe Baca.  Linda and Loretta Sanchez, both former Hispanic Caucus members, also voted “nay.”

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