Pyrrhic Tie?

September 26, 2008

Before this finishes up, and before I read about anyone else’s reaction, I figured I’d go on record with a verdict. It seems to me that this was relatively bloodless, and more or less even. I’d guess that John Q. Voter would say McCain looked slightly better. But it’s a narrow victory, and McCain needed a whole lot more. I would have expected him to go for more, given the all-or-nothing tactics he’s using elsewhere. So, though I think he did about as well or better than Obama, the fact that there’s one fewer major event less left is more significant; he’s in worse shape than he was a few hours ago.


One Response to “Pyrrhic Tie?”

  1. […] this view, it’s easy to see why Obama lost. Like my aforementioned friend Akhbar, I too thought, on first glance, that McCain “won” in a technical sense. This was my […]

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