Palin v. Couric

September 24, 2008

One side-effect of Palin’s media dodging that is particularly irritating for news consumers is that when a network gets its hands on an interview with the governor it slices it into tiny pieces and doles them out slowly, milking its monopoly on this rare and highly addictive drug for as long as possible. As with any drug, demand is extremely inelastic, so they get away with it.

Today’s vial only had a few minutes of coverage in it, but they were a pretty tough few minutes for Sarah Palin. Couric basically asked three questions, none of which went well. As has been widely reported, she allowed for the possibility of another Great Depression if nothing is done. Worse, though, were her attempts to deal with repeated questions on Rick Davis and McCain’s history as a regulator. In both cases she did as badly as in the Gibson interview at handling follow-up questions to her non-answers. There were long silences and almost word-for-word repetitions of answers that had already been deemed inadequate. You don’t really appreciate that pretending to answer a question you are in fact unwilling or unable to answer is a skill until you see someone who hasn’t learned how to do it yet.

The question about McCain’s record – if not as damaging as the rest in the short term – is the clearest indicator of just how much trouble the GOP is in, assuming they ever let her debate. She was asked to name an instance other than his warnings about Fannie and Freddie two years ago when McCain had urged for more regulation. That she was unable to do so drives home how hopeless the quest to force feed her all this information really is. There is simply too much she doesn’t know, and she’s nowhere near good enough at covering for that fact.


2 Responses to “Palin v. Couric”

  1. SteveJJ Says:

    As far as I am concerned, Sarah Palin kicked Katie Couric’s ass. She was sharp with her answers and they were her views. Couric tried to take it to Palin and ended up looking like an idiot.

  2. Twelvemen Says:

    what a weird and awful interview. She sounded like an evil robot.

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