The Corner Demands Fairness, Balance

September 18, 2008

K-Lo, at 12:19 PM:

As noted in ‘The Corner’ and elsewhere, that Obama Spanish ad is really beyond the pale of fact and common sense. It’s a shame someone who supports Obama doesn’t come out and denounce the blatant, insulting dishonesty of the ad.

Fair enough. Oh, wait, no it isn’t. Andrew Sullivan, at 9:57 AM:

Jake Tapper nails Barack on this one. Equating McCain and Limbaugh on the issue of immigration is crude and stupid. McCain has always been far less hostile to the plight of illegal immigrants than Rush Limbaugh – even though he has moved toward the Kaus position in the past several months – and the Limbaugh quotes appear out of context. Playing racial politics this way is not what Obama promised to do. Cut it out.


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