Strikes and Gutters from Nordlinger

September 18, 2008

Jay on bumper stickers:

As readers of Impromptus know, I’m a bit of a connoisseur of bumper stickers — the more hateful and offensive, the better (for commenting on, I mean). Well, a reader out in Olympia, Wash., saw a doozy this morning: “Who Would Jesus Bomb?” To make it even more perfect, it was on a Prius.

Of course, the Prius driver should wise up: Any true conservative would ask, “Whom would Jesus bomb?”

Though his suggested title isn’t very catchy, a little grammar snobbery is always called for. Plus one for Nordlinger.

But the self-described connoisseur of bumper stickers just now heard about “Who Would Jesus Bomb?” Really? Minus five, buddy.


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