Palin’s Email Hacked

September 17, 2008

The 4Chan crowd apparently hacked Sarah Palin’s Yahoo account. Yahoo has frozen the account, but some screenshots have surfaced, and more information will no doubt leak, but it’s unclear whether anything sensitive was unearthed. Chances are this is a non-story, but I’ll update if I find anything interesting in them.

UPDATE 5:48 PM: The Yahoo account that was hacked is not the account already involved in the FOIA(ish) requests. Those emails were sent to and from, where as the screenshots we’re seeing today are from the account of The early evidence strongly suggests that this is also a legitimate Palin account. There are a number of messages from Ivy Frye in the screenshot of her inbox, so clearly the two accounts weren’t for completely seperate groups of correspondents. What they were for is unclear.


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