Troopergate Emails Update

September 14, 2008

While I’ve had a lot to say about the emails Sarah Palin has refused to release, I haven’t paid much attention to the emails that have been released, something I plan to rectify. Here’s a pretty significant excerpt from Palin foe Andrew Halcro:

On February 29, an email was sent from Frank Bailey to Ivy Frye just after Bailey’s recorded phone call to Alaska State Trooper Rodney Dial.

“Leaving pretty quick for the airport…call me though I need to give you a heads up. Spoke to Rodney and he doesn’t get that kind of stuff since he’s a Lieutenant, but he’d definitely pass it on.”

Phone logs have also been released, and they don’t help the Palins’ case either. From the same article:

However according to phone logs, Todd Palin called Ivy Frye three times between 1:45pm and 3:50pm on the afternoon of February 28, the day before Bailey’s call to Dial.

So, a quick recap to put these points in context: On the afternoon of the 28th, Todd Palin makes three phone calls to Ivy Frye. That night, Frye sends an email – which the governor’s office has refused to release – with the subject heading ‘PSEA’ to a group that includes both Palins and Frank Bailey. The next morning (the 29th), Sarah Palin sends an email – also withheld – with the same subject to the same group. At around the same time, Frank Bailey places the famous phone call to Rodney Dial, which begins with a discussion of PSEA negotiations and moves on to the subject of Wooten. Finally, there is the email from Bailey to Frye quoted above. For more detail on PSEA and the phone call, read my initial post on this issue, but the comment “Spoke to Rodney and he doesn’t get that kind of stuff” is a direct reference to the phone call. And this comment establishes pretty definitively that Frye, at the very least, knew that Bailey was going to call Dial, and what he was going to ask him, because he didn’t need to specify what ‘kind of stuff’.

So Frye knew Bailey was going to speak to Dial about PSEA, and Frye sent Bailey an email about PSEA the night before. It’s far from definitive, but at this point there is a great deal of circumstantial evidence that the phone call would have been mentioned in one or both of the two emails. This is significant, because even if there isn’t a word about Wooten in either email, and nothing damaging was said about PSEA, this would constitute a very direct lie on Palin’s part. Under fire over the Wooten issue, she has said repeatedly that she knew nothing about the phone call in question.

I’ll have more on the details and timing of the appeal later, but for now I’ll just say this: it is absolutely amazing that more attention isn’t being paid to this. Even if there were no chance of the Palins being legally forced to make any more information available before the election, there is more than enough meat here for the media to put pressure on them about these two messages. So far, no major news outlet has even mentioned that they exist.

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