Todd Palin Emails Update

September 11, 2008

Following up on an earlier post about Todd Palin and the Troopergate emails, the story has finally started to make a little headway in the MSM with this article. On Tuesday, Andree McLeod, the Anchorage native who first made the FOIA request for the emails, formally appealed the withholding of 1,100 emails, and especially those few that Todd Palin received (for more on their possible content, check the earlier post).

The article still doesn’t mention what any lawyers not involved with the case think about the merits of the claim. I’m doing my best to find someone qualified to have an opinion on this, and also to contact some of the principals. But it seems clear to me that the outcome of this private citizen’s appeal is much more important than anything currently going on with the much more widely reported government ethics investigation, though the progression of the former will no doubt affect that of the latter.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that McLeod – unlike many of the other people coming out of the woodwork to attack Palin – is not a long time foe with an axe to grind. In fact, she was once a Palin supporter, and Palin had a lot of nice things to say about her, though she immediately turned very nasty when McLeod began investigating her. She is just a private activist who has a lot to say about corruption, of which the governor seems to be a dedicated producer.

UPDATE 4:44 PM: It’s worth mentioning that none of the articles on this issue say anything about the two emails that could very well be related to the Bailey phone call, let alone that these are amongst the Todd-emails for which the legal case is presumably stronger. As far as I can tell, this aspect – which is what makes this story so significant – has been relegated to obscure blogs. Also, the only lawyer quoted on the merits of the appeal is the one handling the case for McLeod; that he thinks they’re on to something doesn’t strike me as newsworthy.


4 Responses to “Todd Palin Emails Update”

  1. […] McLeod’s current appeal will be denied. (If you’re not following me, catch up here and here.) This has nothing to with the merits of the argument, and everything to do with the fact that the […]

  2. amir Says:

    I like here ,good artical

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    it is nothing to argument, and everything need to face the fact

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    Good blog artical

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