Ambinder’s Politics

September 11, 2008

A quick aside to my colleague here: for the most part, I agree with this post, though I plan to write something on the latest polling myself the next time I’m not busy reading through Alaskan court documents. (Did you know Todd, Track, and Bristol have all been ticketed for speeding? National Inquirer, take note.) But this puzzled me:

Even a post or two of Ambinder’s have a faint whiff of dismay.

One of the neat things about Ambinder is that he keeps his own politics very close to his chest, but the consensus amongst his readers, and those of other Atlantic bloggers, is that he’s probably pretty conservative. Mostly they say this because they are all whiny liberals, many of whom think that Yglesias is a conservative on the strength of his failure to condemn the evils of capitalism. But I tend to agree with them on this point; if I had to guess, I’d say he votes Republican. Obviously, you disagree. What’s your thinking here?

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