Sarah Palin, feminist icon

September 5, 2008

I must confess to a little embarrassment about writing another Palin-related post. Aren’t there, like, some issues to talk about? On the other hand, I feel comfortable claiming that the U.S. Presidential Election is the most significant issue of the moment, and it’s quite possible that adding Palin to the ticket has made a Democratic victory a foregone conclusion, so I think she’s earned the airtime. (On the other hand, maybe it’s the awesomest decision ever!)

Anyway, as (by my count) three more scandals work their way through the blogosphere and into the MSM, I fear we may lose sight of just what Sarah Palin has accomplished for women. While the DailyKos and the National Enquirer have just now formed an axis of good taste to investigate who Trig Paxson Van Palin’s father is, the question of who his mother is has been floating about for months. If that’s not closing the gender gap, I don’t know what is.


One Response to “Sarah Palin, feminist icon”

  1. […] across as a bully. Indeed, though my immediate reaction to the Palin pick was that McCain had just thrown the election, my biggest fear has always been that Biden would pull an Al Gore. (I still think this is a much […]

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