September 5, 2008

Consider this goofy crew from The Corner, a rabble that call themselves ‘Red Meat’.   All of them are very fat and silly.  Ramesh Ponnuru is a fat little Indian dumpling and his voice is a ridiculous helium soprano.   To his right is Jim Geraghty, whose subtle lisp, exaggerated body language, and camp humor suggest a disconnect between his political beliefs and personal practice.  Stephen Spruiell probably wears that press badge to bed.  And the fattest of the lot is the nauseating Mark Hemingway, who mostly sits in froglike quiet but from time to time blurts out a disastrous one liner, stunning even the other jerks into an uncomfortable silence.  The four are without charisma.  If you watched the clip without sound you would probably guess they were playing Dungeons & Dragons, but without dice – because their game is more about the character development than killing trolls.

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