More on Palin Panic

September 4, 2008

In the post Frederick mentioned earlier, Yglesias is right that the Democrats shouldn’t be so worried about Palin’s speech last night, but he’s very wrong about why:

It was competent, but no more than that. And it wasn’t a speech that even tried to do either of things that John McCain’s campaign needs to do — separate McCain from George W. Bush or convince people that McCain can improve the economy. It didn’t even try to address those subjects.

Actually, it was a lot better than competent, but that all misses the point. Even if she’d one-upped Churchill, everything that was wrong with her on Tuesday would still be wrong with her today. After all, there has been no uproar about her being unqualified to appeal to religious conservatives; nor is there an ethics investigation in Alaska looking into her public speaking ability. She will still be deposed about Troopergate, she still has an ugly record from Wasilla, and she even repeated, word for word, the lie about the Bridge to Nowhere. It’s still possible that she won’t prove to be a disaster for McCain, but nothing that happened last night really bears on that question at all.


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